El Dorado County supervisor candidates answer the questions!

El Dorado County supervisor candidates answer the questions!


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Just as the eleven South Lake Tahoe City Council candidates were asked questions to help voters understand their qualities (only 7 responded), the two candidates for Area 5 El Dorado County supervisor also answered questions.

Brooke Laine and Kenny Curtwiler answered THREE questions (see their answers to questions during the primary – Curtzwiler and Laine).


Please share what you think are the top 5 issues facing El Dorado County at this time. What are your solutions?

VACATION HOME RENTALS – Develop a new ordinance that has strict and clear rules. Find dedicated funding to enforce the rules, protect our quality of life, and neighborhood preservation.

ROADS & TRAFFIC – Prioritize maintenance of roads, explore options for traffic and snow removal management, and improve snow removal equipment.

FIRE, PUBLIC SAFETY & INSURANCE – Support and promote fire-wise/fire-safe communities and insist on the insurance that’s available and affordable.

HOUSING – Consider a Housing Accelerator program to streamline processes, review regulations, and reduce costs.

COUNTY BUDGET IS $952 MILLION – My Economics degree is from UC Santa Cruz, small business ownership, banking background, working knowledge of TOT, and private and public policy sectors; YOUR taxes that are entrusted to the Board of Supervisors will be managed efficiently.

You are one voice of five. How do you plan on getting the voice of Lake Tahoe heard?

I have learned that you can accomplish a lot if you are not concerned with who gets the credit. Work for the solution, not the credit.

I will work hard to earn the respect of my fellow colleagues and the administration.

Compromise is difficult. Consideration of all sides of an issue is essential. I will ask difficult questions and respect the answers to come to fair and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Why should people vote for you?

Education: Economics Degree from UC Santa Cruz.

Experience: I have 10 years of experience as a publicly elected official. I am used to making tough and sometimes unpopular decisions.

I am cooperative, not combative.

I look below the surface to see learn what the real issues are, not just respond to the loudest voices.

I have experience on boards I would be called on to serve and/or work with. I understand and have experienced how county, city, and TRPA work.

I recognize while VHRs are a primary and critical issue in the Tahoe Basin, there are other very significant issues affecting all of the county residents, not just our community.


Please share what you think are the top 5 issues facing El Dorado County at this time. What are your solutions?

1. First and foremost is the lack of response from our current and past representatives. I will be accessible all the time to address the myriad of problems here in our District. My focus is on the residents of our District first.
2. VHR’s. I have had meetings with all the players and have come up with a plan to address the situation. We have had this plan in place for the last 4 years. Enforcement, or the lack of, is #1.
3. Traffic in the neighborhoods. The current roundabout in Meyers needs better signage for the tourists and residents. GPS Apps need to be altered so during traffic backups they do not send them into our neighborhoods.
4. Working together with the City of SLT on the issues of Workforce Housing, Tourism and the lack of or too much, Transportation and Environmental issues.
5. The County: Land Use issues on the West Slope and Budget. Read everything and ask questions if I don’t understand something. Too many times people in a position of authority will go along with everything staff and department heads say to them. Yes, you should rely on them to inform you, but you must also study the issues in depth to fully understand the issues.

You are one voice of five. How do you plan on getting the voice of Lake Tahoe heard?

It has always been said that you have to count to three to get anything done. I have met with several of the other Supervisors and listened to what is going on in their District. I have attended meetings in other districts to better understand their issues. Cooperation is the key. If I can listen to their problems and issues, then solutions will follow. Too many times in conversations with other Supervisors on District V issues have I heard the phrase, “I had no idea that was happening there.”

Why should people vote for you?

Experience with District V issues. Too much emphasis is focused on past political experience with City politics. As a Supervisor we will have little input on city issues. What a supervisor can do to help city residents, is to provide quality employees and services that are required. Mental Health, Courts, District Attorney, Probation, Public Defender, Environmental Services, Health and Human Services, Social Services, Child Protection, Veteran Services and the Library. I live in the county and have been involved with all issues that affect us. I have worked with every agency and have attended most meetings as a citizen trying to help our community. I am involved and have been involved with our community for the 46 years I have lived here. Not just during election time, but all the time. I am accessible all the time and not just during election time. Think back to the last people we elected and the promises they made to us. Once elected did they follow through? I do my homework and study every issue that has ever come up. I am a Veteran, (Retired Major with 20 years National Guard) and a Senior (66 years old) and a resident (46 years), Married (41 years), and a business owner (41 years). When you go into that booth or fill out your ballot to mail. Think about past actions taken by the people running. Think about their involvement in our community for the time we have lived here and not just some of the time.

I have basically financed my own campaign. I am not backed by any of the agencies or any of the chambers, both here and off the hill. I will not owe anybody political favors. The first three words of our constitution are “WE THE PEOPLE.” That is who I will represent, You. Residents will elect me, not agencies, not special interest groups, and not organizations or service clubs. You will elect me and You will finally get a seat at the table.

Thank You. Kenny Curtzwiler

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