Support for Brooke Laine – Mountain Democrat – Cheyenne Purrington

I am supporting Brooke Laine for District 5 supervisor for El Dorado County. Very rarely do policymakers in positions of influence reach out to learn more, request real facts and data or ask what they can do to help. Brooke Laine did exactly that and it surprised me.

Months ago, Brooke reached out to schedule a tour of main offices, a stabilization suite and supportive housing sites of the Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless. She asked our team thoughtful questions based on her own prior research, listened to our answers and ideas and then asked what policy changes could help prevent and end homelessness for El Dorado County. She didn’t have an angle or ask for our votes. She wasn’t campaigning; she was listening and learning

After her tour, Brooke surprised me again because she followed up. She called with more questions, asked for my thoughts on current housing proposals in the community and sent me documents to review. I could tell she was gathering
information from a wide range of constituents and looking for balanced, common-sense strategies that met the greatest needs in the community.

Brooke Laine surprised me because she doesn’t act like the typical caricature of a politician. She doesn’t act like she’s selling something, shout her strong opinions at others or badmouth the other guy. She understands deeply the pressing issues facing our community, asks thoughtful questions based on research and listens carefully to many voices. She looks for common ground between opposing viewpoints and truly serves as a servant leader.

Brooke Laine is dynamic, thoughtful, balanced and transparent. Brooke might surprise you in the best way possible.

South Lake Tahoe

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